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Paris, Tour de France, London, Stonehenge, Bath (Days 1-7)

7/31/2002 – Well I got to see them, and I’ll take credit for retrieving the Maillot Jaune. If you saw any crowd photos and noticed a blow up shark, uncle sam and a guy in a cowboy hat, you might see me in the photos. Paul and Phil from olntv came by and chatted for a while and Levi Leipheimer (lance’s old teammate) did a crowd swim move in our section. Tons of us postal jersey’s in the audience and it would have been nice to have a jersey cause it was HOT!!!!

After that I did Chartres (like the drink) and Versailles (gave me some new ideas for my back yard), and now I’m London. Weird but I feel more foreign here than in Paris. I have an easier time communicating with the French than with the Brits sometimes.

Pictures soon!

First day in Paris

Here are some shots the day before the tour arrived in Paris. Beautiful sunset but very, very warm.


Tour de France 2002 – 28/7/02

On my first full day of France I got to see the Maillot Jaune. Hung out with the most famous American group complete with Uncle Sam, a blow up shark and lot’s of USPS stuff. Lance brought it home in fine style.

Chartres and Versailles

The next two days after the Tour left Paris, I decided to check out the French countryside, absolutely beautiful, a bit warm though.

August 2 – London update:

8/2/02 – Geeeez, this uploading of pictures is going to be a little more difficult than I thought. But I will prevail and am going to spend my day tomorrow getting this working or else. Did the road trip to Stonehenge and Bath today (Christina is that your old hood?). Bath was a place that the rich folk went to “Socialize” for the summer. Imagine, spending time in a place just to schmooze. Good deal. At first I’m thinking that Stonehenge was a pile of rocks (which it is). But if you think lugging 50 ton rocks over 125 miles w/o wheels isn’t too difficult, well you’re a better man than me. Trust me it’s all in the pics.

London Sights

It’s amazing how much of London has been influenced by other countries. The folks will tell you they are a bit pompous, maybe it’s because very few locals here are actually Brits.



More London

With 5 nights in London, I definately got my money’ worth.

Stonehenge and Bath

I took a day trip out to Stonehenge and Bath and here’s what I found

Knotting Hill, St Paul’s and Room

Here’s a few shots of my last full day in London, good run!


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